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About Us

Professional Footwear Manufacturers

Established in the year 1992 Ronnie Ganesh started an operation consisting of 5 people, at his local home. He started supplying the local markets, which includes the nearby wholesalers. He comes with a wealth of experience which he obtained at many surrounding companies. They started producing around 50 pairs per day, after years went by his youngest son Shaun have stepped into the business.

Business slowly started to grow and they needed a bigger premises, so this company needed a name and branding, NIKKITA FOOTWEAR cc officially became registered and recognised. This however created Jobs and boosted the local community.  Years years went by the company rapidly grew. In 2007 Nikkita Footwear cc went through a more developing stage where Reno and Shaun Ganesh the eldest and youngest sons to the late Ronnie Ganesh joined the Company.

Design and Conceptualisation 95%
Experience 80%
Attention to Detail 60%
Quality of service 70%
Quality Assurance 95%
Delivery and Presentation 99%


Today the company has over 28 years experience and also carries a lot of mileage in the industry, the company has had its fare share of challenges, however, through learning stages from our stakeholders and clients, the company managed to overcome and turn its challenges to strengths.

Today the company has a output capacity of over 8000 pair of shoes per day minimum. Nikkita Footwear cc has had a privilege of working with lucrative businesses such as Woolworths, PEP, Mr Price and many more retails stores. With expanding operations, this will create jobs and boost sustainability through-out the local communities. This project will initiate new beginnings for Nikkita Footwear and we will be taking on scholar ships to bridge the gap between young unemployed individuals.

Reno Ganesh | Chief Executive Officer

Reno is currently the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Nikkita Footwear Manufacturers, he starter working at Nikkita during the year 2006, his Engineering background has brought in value and growth to the company in that most of our production lines are based on some of the contributions and designed he came up with, he has a vast experience in Engineering, Financial Sector and Management, his vision of staying ahead of fashion trends has kept the business afloat in that the company stay relevant and stay ahead of the competition, Reno has been the key in bringing onboard the big and valuable contracts for the company.

Reno’s travel experience has made him aware that each company, especially in the footwear manufacturing sector needs to have a research team that will focus on the latest trends and comfort, where the industry will be headed and how to keep up with the market and it’s competitors, his visionary mindset has brought light in most cases, his strengths are that of a marketing and sales while balancing the Administration and vision.

Shaun Ganesh | Chief Operations Officer

Shaun is currently a director in the company and shareholder together with his older brother Reno Ganesh. He started working at Nikkita Footwear Manufacturers in the year 2003, with his late father Ronnie Ganesh they formulated a new way of manufacturing shoes, Shaun has a vast experience which he attained while working under the SBDC (Small business development cooporation) roof in 1992. Innovation and Design for footwear is one of the traits he brings to the company, his managerial skills are propelled by the the experience he has gathered since he started working with his late father, he managed to to be one of the few individuals who designed comfortable footwear soles, worked with delux Footwear.

Shaun also prides himself of the humble beginnings he learned from, he used to take a bus to his clients, without funding he managed to bring in a great sale in the year 2003 and got his first order of 10 000 pairs of shoes. He then together with his late father started to supply Independence stores, the business grew rapidly and he started getting calls from different clients demanding the type of shoes he was designing, his shoes were highly in demand, from 10 000 pair of shoes to 2000 pair of shoes daily. The current order is at over 8000 pair of shoes per day for a full year.

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